Cable carrier on show

25 January 2016

Designed to provide protection for cable and hose for multi-axis movements, ROBOTRAX is a 3D carrier from Kabelschlepp Metool that offers a solution to the problem of routing and protecting flexibles in robots which typically rotate 360° and more around their axis while performing 'arm' and 'hand' movements.

ROBOTRAX is designed for maximum movement with high tensile forces and accelerations.  It enables a maximum front end movement whilst giving maximum protection to the flexibles such as cable, hose, and pipes at high speed.

The systems consist of individual links made of special plastic, joined with ball joints, to any length required, resembling a human spine. Specific bend radii, if needed, can be defined and restricted with different accessories.

The integrity of the ROBOTRAX, regardless of length, is maintained by the patented steel wire core, which prevents disintegration at high speeds, loads and accelerations.

Flexibles can be properly partitioned in the three ROBOTRAX compartments. The assembly has various options to fix / clamp the flexibles, depending on the OD routed.

ROBOTRAX is fitted and guided on the robot with quick release holders. They fit on any chain link and can simply be fixed with two screws.  Excess lengths, and difficult movements can be compensated by rotary holders and spring mounts. Southern Manufacturing Stand N109