Accurate torque measurement

24 May 2017

Datum Electronics manufactures a line of rotary and static torque transducers which are said to be ideal for a wide range of industrial applications looking to measure torque and power.

The cutting-edge 425 Series from Datum Electronics represents the entire spectrum of mechanical coupling configurations, including standard off the shelf models, along with shaft to shaft, flange, keyway, converted shaft components and other bespoke solutions. Covering an extensive torque range as standard from 0-10Nm to 60kNm, 425 Series transducers are easy-to-install and can operate at high rpm, providing you with data accuracy of better than 0.1% and high resolution (up to 24 bit). Datum Electronics can supply transducers down to as little as 3Nm and up to 14MNm, as in the world’s largest torque transducer weighing in at around 5 Tonnes, that we have just delivered to our satisfied customer.

All Datum Electronics transducers are supplied with free simple to use utility and display software and a come complete with a certificate of calibration, valid for 12 months. In addition, 425 Series Torque Sensors are compatible with our Datum Universal interface with built-in display, giving real-time data, with additional analogue and serial data outputs, if required.