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Improve traceability and efficiency with automated identification

25 January 2018

Tracing and identifying the millions of components manufactured, transported and assembled into new automobiles daily around the world is a major challenge. Brady offers globally available and fully automated identification solutions to support greater production throughput and increased quality.

In Smart Manufacturing machines and systems generate, analyse and use data to optimise production efficiency, create flexible manufacturing processes and respond quickly and at low cost to changes in demand. An Industry 4.0 Smart Factory employs only systems that are interconnected and able to send or receive data from the other systems in the supply chain.

Via durable product labels that remain legible throughout entire production cycles, applied by accurate, automated print & apply systems, Brady can connect every circuit board in production to your Smart Factory. With our solution, every circuit board you produce can become a data generator to send information to your Manufacturing Execution System, to other machines and production cycles, or to your supply chain both up- and downstream.

Activate the competitive advantages of Smart Manufacturing with our fully automated printed circuit board labelling solution.

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Don’t miss Brady Automated Identification Solutions at Southern Manufacturing 2018!

This time Brady will have two stands (B210 and D80) to show you better its wide range of products for wire identification, labelling materials and tools for wire and cable marking in the electrical, electronic and telecommunication markets, high performance identification products, labels and signs that remain legible and highly adhesive even in harsh environments.


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