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Carton wheel flow beds designed for simple installation

19 February 2018

Interroll’s new Carton Wheel Flow beds are designed for simple installation and reduced assembly time.

Interroll has enhanced the bed frame design of its Carton Wheel Flow solution with fewer profiles necessary to cover all references of beds. Loading support, unloading support, side frame and intermediate beam now require only a single profile each. Plastic clips for track fitting are no longer needed.

The new design of the loading and unloading support allows a 'flush' mounting method in order to fix pick-to-light-systems in a continuous way, boosting the pick rate per hour. Slope adjustment is easier with all drop out trays, 5 and 10°, plus now the 15° version mounted in a single side frame.

Interroll says that with fewer parts to fix and clipless mounting, installation time for the new carton flow system has been reduced by 30% on average. Instead of a clip, the new universal connector fits all racking types and solidly connects the parts with a new clamp to facilitate bed installation or slope adjustment.

With a maximum load of 150kg/m², all standard applications in the market are covered, from ambient through to freezer. 

The Floway 2 track from Interroll will still be used in conjunction with the new bed frame. The Carton Wheel Flow solution is available in widths to 3600mm and depths to 5500mm to meet most requirements.