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Shell Lubricants: ready for the future

23 March 2018

At Shell Lubricants, we’re fully prepared for Industry 4.0 – the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ of technologies that will significantly impact the way the UK manufacturing industry does business.

Our specialists have expertise in emerging technologies, and know how technology can help the manufacturing sector benefit from savings across their business, including Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). We define this as the total amount spent on industrial equipment, including cost of acquisition and operation over its entire working life, which incorporates the cost of lost production during equipment downtime.

The rise of smart, connected factories allows for optimisation at every stage of the production line. Plus, by leveraging Industry 4.0 technologies such as sensors and cloud-based tools, manufacturers can benefit from increases in operational efficiency and improved quality control. This can contribute to equipment longevity, and will help avoid unplanned downtime and loss of production.

As an example, sensor-based technologies offer an opportunity to upgrade equipment maintenance practices and realise greater TCO savings.  Such equipment can perform multiple functions: self-test, validate, adapt, identify and understand the environment they are in, while managing a wide range of conditions. As sensors provide real-time readings, including friction, wear and tear and lubricant condition, manufacturers are able to plan for predictive maintenance. Upon detecting contamination or early stage lubricant degradation, they can alert maintenance staff of the need to intervene before the problem worsens, thereby helping avoid costly unplanned breakdowns.

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