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Shell launches whitepaper on zinc-based hydraulic fluids

01 December 2020

SHELL HAS launched a whitepaper to address the myths surrounding zinc-based hydraulic fluids.

The whitepaper – 'Are sludge and varnish killing your productivity?' – explores the potential high-quality hydraulic fluids formulated with zinc-based technologies have to extend oil and equipment life, generate efficiency-based savings and prevent unplanned downtime, key concerns for operators looking to improve their total cost of ownership (TCO) and ensure consistency of output.

The report aims to overturn common misconceptions about zinc-based hydraulic fluids held by some equipment manufacturers such as increased sludge, varnish, maintenance costs, and shorter oil life. The report compares the performance of Shell Tellus S4 VE, formulated with zinc-based technology, with zinc-free synthetic and mineral competitor oils, in industry leading tests. The findings showed that Shell Tellus S4 VE allowed for: 

  • 15 times less sludge and four times less varnish deposits
  • Length of oxidation resistance doubled
  • Extended oil and pump life, and increased productivity by up to 6%

“During this turbulent economic period, ensuring uptime and reducing TCO is crucial. By evaluating the capabilities of high-quality zinc-based hydraulic oils, our latest whitepaper highlights the potential of zinc-based technology in maximising equipment protection, unlocking efficiencies and ultimately potential savings for operators,” says Emma Mallinson, hydraulics global product marketing manager at Shell.

To download the whitepaper, visit: https://www.shell.co.uk/business-customers/lubricants-for-business/manufacturing/control-sludge.html