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Putting maintenance expertise into service

22 July 2021

ONE OF the key learnings from COVID-19 is the importance of industrial expertise. UK manufacturers who worked together to produce over 14,000 ventilators during the pandemic [1], is just one example of how collaboration and knowledge-sharing has helped drive recovery.

Beyond the pandemic, with growing demand, competitiveness, and nearly half of UK manufacturers committed to reaching the 2050 net-zero carbon target through concrete actions [2], industry collaboration remains pivotal in driving efficiency. And, with equipment optimisation central to efficiency, the benefits of adopting an expert-led maintenance programme are clear:

1. Lowers costs – access to data-led oil condition monitoring services like Shell LubeAnalyst enables operators to move from reactive to predictive maintenance programmes – helping to identify potential issues, schedule servicing, mitigate unplanned downtime risk and in turn, generate cost savings.

2. Boosts productivity – conducting expert-led plant visits and lubrication surveys through services like Shell LubeAdvisor can help uncover value opportunities to improve efficiencies, such as product choice, oil-drain interval duration, and recommended servicing schedules, helping to improve productivity and limit downtime.

3. Closing the skills-gap – 61% of companies view the skills gap as a significant challenge to the UK manufacturing industry [3]. Enlisting expert support such as the Shell LubeCoach training programme, can help to provide practical maintenance skills for employees, helping to improve day-to-day operations and plug the skills gap.

4. Optimises resource – with a shortage of skilled workers, employee efforts should focus on key business priorities. Integrated lubricant selection tools like Shell LubeMatch offer expert guidance to help you choose the right product for your application, limiting research and decision-making time.

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