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Visit Stand H17-460 at MACH to start your journey towards IR4 with Idhammar Systems

05 April 2018

Idhammar Systems bridges the gap between manufacturing today, and the Smart Factory of Tomorrow. We provide straightforward, practical technology solutions to improve process, bottom line and employee satisfaction through our OEE, CMMS and World Class Manufacturing (WCM) systems.

A crucial decision for UK manufacturers in 2018 is to invest in efficiency technologies and software to streamline and improve manufacturing data and production line performance. The vastly improved quality of data that a manufacturing organisation will be able to gather and analyse with Idhammar solutions will kick-start a cyclical process of data driving knowledge, in turn driving profitability and reinvestment.

Easy to use yet powerful, Idhammar MMS enhances organisations maintenance practices and minimises downtime. Idhammar OEE enables drill down analysis to quantify even the smallest opportunities to help make every second of production count and steer continuous improvement.

Visit our stand to discover more about World Class Manufacturing: an approach that helps organisations to manufacture goods of the highest quality, at low cost, with minimal resources, in a safe and efficient way, and Idhammar WCM software, developed together with one of our leading global manufacturing customers.

Whether it’s making every second count on your production shop floor, reducing waste or enhancing your maintenance capability, Idhammar’s OEE, CMMS and WCM Systems will help you achieve the ideal balance of productivity and effectiveness for world class lean manufacturing. Find out how at Stand H17-460