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Relocatable storage eases supply chain woes

15 November 2021

Supply chain issues have affected all businesses in recent months. With storage costs soaring, should you build, or should you use temporary structures, asks Steven Leek?

As has been highlighted in the news over recent months, the seismic impact of the pandemic and of Brexit is still being felt across global supply chains. The persistent disruption of temporary trade restrictions, shortages of critical products, and scarcity of labour operatives, has caused continuous headaches for anyone involved in global supply chains, and the knock-on impact continues to be felt by firms here in the UK, most recently at the Port of Felixstowe, Britain’s busiest container port.

If your business is affected and, like many others, you find yourself with an urgent requirement for additional space, versatile temporary and semi-permanent buildings, such as those offered at Spaciotempo, help ensure stability and flexibility in these uncertain times. Following recent conversations with our customers, we discovered that the cost of off-site pallet storage has risen by a shocking amount – as much as 1300% – because of the recent macro-environmental factors. And while these rates are still just-about affordable for some companies, the sharp price rise is forcing most businesses to find alternative means of storage.

If you have a requirement for short-term storage of goods, plant and equipment, Spaciotempo can supply a temporary building that is tailored to your exact needs. Depending on the particular needs of your business, there are flexible options available. If you have assessed that your needs are short term, you can hire a structure, with a minimum term of just three months, or you can purchase a structure outright if you anticipate a longer-term need. 

Are relocatable buildings a prudent purchase?

Temporary, relocatable buildings, at your company’s place of business, are a cost-effective alternative to expensive off-site storage and are much more economical than permanent builds. Because our temporary buildings are of a modular construction, it means that they can be erected, dismantled, and even relocated, with great efficiency.

The combination of movability and modularity means that a temporary building from Spaciotempo can be easily repurposed or reconfigured. A relocatable structure could be installed in another location on an existing site or could be moved and re-installed at an entirely separate location, giving businesses added flexibility when compared to the construction of a permanent building on-site.

Relocatable buildings also offer a significantly lower upfront cost compared with a permanent build. A temporary building requires far less infrastructure than a new build construction – and this is almost always reflected in set up costs and rental fees – while offering exemplary structural integrity. Relocatable buildings also have the advantage of time. Because you are spared the red tape associated with the planning and construction of a permanent building, a temporary building can be installed in a matter of days, not months or years, offering an instant solution to increased demand, when it is needed the most.

Experience is another good reason to choose a temporary building. Spaciotempo, for instance, has been in the business for a long time, installing versatile solutions for almost 50 years, and thanks to our in-house CAD design teams, we are able to design realistic concepts that are tailored around your specific needs, and any existing on-site infrastructure. Our temporary building specialists will then be with you from the beginning to the end of the project, to ensure that your visualisation is brought to life exactly as expected.

If your business could benefit from a temporary, relocatable building, contact Spaciotempo to request a no-obligation site visit or, if you already know your requirements, look at the Ready to Build section of our website to submit your temporary building needs to our team.

Steven Leek is the marketing manager of Spaciotempo