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Portable trace oxygen analysers for cargo tank safety

09 January 2020

Analytical Industries’ trace oxygen analysers make routine spot checks for leak detection (air ingress) in storage tanks and other vessels quick and easy.

With a battery life of up to 30 days on a single charge, they are suitable for field work. Using the company’s galvanic oxygen sensors, the portable analysers are simple to use with low maintenance. The sensors have a service life between 24 and 32 months and are easily replaced. 

The GPR-1100 portable oxygen analyser is suitable for trace oxygen measurements from 0.1ppm. The Quick-Connect gas fittings allow the user to protect the sensor by trapping a sample with low oxygen inside. Despite its small size, it’s tough and durable for demanding industrial applications.  

The GPR-1200 portable O2 analyser utilises the same sensor technology and has an innovative design which virtually eliminates the waiting time between measurements and greatly increases the sensor life.  The integrated bypass system isolates the sensor and allows the operator to set the flow ensuring the connecting pipework is flushed through before sampling takes place.  

Typical applications include spot checks of storage tanks and marine vessel holds as well as welding gas purity and nitrogen generators.