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Gas chromatograph for trace impurities analysis

20 December 2021

DETECT PERMANENT and noble gases, sulphurs, ammonia and more with this new compact gas chromatograph.

Michell Instruments' newly launched LDetek MultiDetek3 compact gas chromatograph (GC) is a modular process instrument that, the company claims, combines the functionality of two GCs in one, giving users a substantial cost saving. It allows users to simultaneously monitor for several different trace gases as well as trace moisture and oxygen.  

MultiDetek3 comes in a rugged 6U rackmount casing, making it suitable for both laboratory and industrial installation. Typical applications include confirming UHP and specialty gas quality in semiconductor and electronics manufacture as well as in ASU production facilities. In the energy sector, MultiDetek3 is suitable for monitoring Hydrogen and SF6 purity. Other uses include UHP CO2 analysis for food production and winery gas analysis.  

It can be configured with FID/PED or TCD detectors for online trace impurities measurements. The GC is temperature-controlled to provide extra stability. The two sample inlets allow it to analyse two gas streams in parallel, providing the same functionality as two separate GCs.  

The PED sensor detects permanent and noble gases, sulfurs, ammonia, hydrocarbons, aldehydes, btex compounds and alcohols among others down to 100 ppt. The FID (flame ionisation detector) is used to detect trace hydrocarbons, with an LDL of 1 ppb, while the TCD (thermal conductivity detector) is designed for analysing binary gas combinations down to 1 ppm for the target gas. 

In addition to this, users have the option to include dedicated sensors for trace oxygen and trace moisture. For oxygen the options are either electrochemical or zirconia sensors, and for moisture there is the choice of quartz crystal microbalance or ceramic metal oxide moisture sensors.  

The MultiDetek3 has a large, full colour, touch screen interface for easy operation. Full reporting is available using LDetek’s LDChroma+ software.