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Desiccant dehumidifier range delivers energy savings

29 November 2018

Humidity Solutions has provided an MDC1000 desiccant dehumidifier manufactured by DT Group in Lithuania to a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in the South West of England.

It ensures the humidity being delivered to the space is below 15% RH at 21°C. The product is a reagent strip used in urinalysis. It provides results quickly and accurately, but is sensitive to moisture during manufacture and before being sealed in its plastic housing. This project was funded by the European regional development fund.

The MDC1000 uses desiccant technology to remove moisture down to a very low level. In this instance the air from the facility was pre-cooled before passing through the desiccant wheel. This increased the RH of the air to make the desiccant wheel more efficient and able to remove the moisture load from the air. The drying process adds heat to the process air, so this was cooled using a post-cooler to deliver air back into the space at 21°C.

The process air on this occasion was introduced directly into the process machine to ensure low humidity at the point of production, with the remaining air ensuring that the room conditions were kept at a low RH – and to maintain a very small differential between the process and the room to prevent moisture transfer via vapour pressure, which might affect the product.