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Zero maintenance compressed air filter

12 April 2024

AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY from ERIKS is the EXPEL compressed air filter, an innovative filter that removes 99.99% of water, oil and solids from compressed air.

Typically, it would take three conventional compressed air filters – one each for water, oil emulsion and solid particulates - to do the job of one EXPEL.

Engineered using Computational Fluid Dynamics, EXPEL doesn’t rely on internal membranes that become less efficient and need replacing over time. Instead, its internal design manipulates the compressed air so that moisture and other contaminants are simply removed. No membrane means no replacement filters, no maintenance, and efficiency which never drops. 

There’s no membrane filter, no holes to become blocked and reduce efficiency, no moving parts to fail. And although cleaning is not necessary, the EXPEL is fully cleanable and reusable if required. It’s also simple to install, with the same port and attachment threads as all current conventional compressed air filters.

The ground-breaking performance of Expel is reinforced by a 10-year guarantee offered on every unit.

EXPEL is so effective, it can even be used for certain applications in place of an air dryer. For optimum air cleanliness in these applications, EXPEL can be installed either at point-of-use, upstream of an activated carbon filter, or upstream of a smaller, cheaper, point-of-use air dryer.