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Floorcare for every part of the facility

29 January 2021

Cleaning goes hand in hand with health and safety and has become more important than ever in recent months. Jamie Harris looks at how the correct cleaning machine can more beneficial to your business and your bottom line

ALTHOUGH AT first glance, choosing a cleaning machine might seem like a simple task, many of businesses struggle to find the right equipment for their facility. Helping customers find their way through the myriad of options available, Tennant offers a bespoke process of advice and on-site demonstrations, enabling users to understand their needs better and help them find the right machine for their business environment. The company can offer innovative cleaning machines in every category, from vacuum cleaners to sweeper-scrubbers, and also has one of the sector's largest directly-employed service teams working with customers nationwide.

Before suggesting any kind of machine, the team at Tennant offers customers a no-cost, no-obligation site survey to thoroughly assess first hand the layout of the facility and allowing the customer to highlight any specific cleaning issues such as tight spaces, different floor types and storage. Even in the current national lockdown where many businesses have had to restrict third parties from accessing their facilities, the Tennant team has adapted it approach and is offering virtual site tours using a range of live video apps.

In addition to the site survey, once the cleaning machines have been selected and presented to the customer, Tennant offers a complimentary on-site machine demonstration at which the customer and their teams can try the machines before purchase.

Choosing the right machine

Every space is different, from warehouse flooring to new-build facilities, office and carpeted areas within the same space and external areas. Here we highlight just some of the innovative cleaning machines available from Tennant:

– Orbital Heads: For many facilities using an Orbital head scrubber dryer can have the most benefits. Orbital cleaning is known for aggressive scrubbing and being able to deliver a consistent distribution of water, the ideal solution for floor finish stripping without the need for caustic stripping chemicals. Orbital heads such as the Tennant T300 Orbital are also designed to clean extremely close along edges and into corners where traditional scrubbers cannot reach.

Orbital cleaning is known for aggressive scrubbing and being able to deliver a consistent distribution of water

– Disc and Pads: The more traditional method of floor cleaning scrubber dryers used on highly polished surfaces, Tennant manufactures a range of both walk-behind and ride-on battery-powered scrubber dryers. The latest model is the CS5, capable of delivering outstanding cleaning results but features two key innovations; Reverse-dry technology and a compact design making it very easy to store.

– Cylindrical Sweepers: For larger industrial areas where a pre-sweep with a manual brush is not feasible, the Tennant range of Cylindrical Sweepers are the right choice. The Tennant S20 is a mid-sized ride-on Cylindrical Sweeper able to pick up both large, bulky debris and smaller dust with ease, and features an impressive 310 litre hopper.

– Sweeper-Scrubbers: Delivering the best of both, Tennant is renowned for its range of combined ride-on Sweeper-Scrubbers. For example, Tennant’s M20 is a battery-powered combined Sweeper-Scrubber designed to effectively clean your space in a single pass with the combined benefits of an industrial sweeper and scrubber dryer in one easy-to-use machine.

Being able to use a single supplier for all your cleaning machines, service requirements and expert advice ultimately reduces the cost to your business. Right now, along with a huge focus on cleaning, customers are looking to manage their budgets more effectively which is why we have also adapted our rental offering to help our customers as best we can.

For more information download the new Tennant interactive ebook at: https://bit.ly/3pGMWjy

Jamie Harris is senior national accounts manager for Tennant