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New data-driven asset management solutions on the IFS Ultimo Marketplace

23 February 2023

THREE NEW solutions have been launched on the the IFS Ultimo Marketplace. We are happy to introduce them, to support you in getting more value out of your IFS Ultimo software, and guide you in your digital transformation journey.

On the IFS Ultimo Marketplace, you can find integrations with technology partners, add-ons, industry solutions, and other products. Technology integrations like the Internet of Things, Track and Trace, or Virtual Reality Solutions can be found.

Get inspired. Search for specific add-ons in your industry. And discover our latest three additions:

Reekoh Industrial Integration Cloud

Reekoh integrates, enriches and orchestrates data between all your physical and digital assets, data sources and applications through a single platform. By using the Reekoh iPaaS and integrations with IFS Ultimo EAM, you can unlock fragmented data from silos and assets within your OT and IT infrastructure, automate business actions from data-driven insights, and accelerate digital transformation.

Falcker Asset Care Platform

Collecting and storing data from assets is the specialty of Falcker. They give full insight into all your assets from one platform, the Falcker Asset Care Platform, to perform inspections and plan maintenance programs.

This platform gives you insight into the maintenance status of your assets, any time, any place. You immediately pinpoint the weak spots in your installations, enabling far more targeted maintenance to be executed. By linking with IFS Ultimo, it offers an advanced module to provide new opportunities for online collaboration and for remote audits. 

Siemens teamplay Fleet Connect

teamplay Fleet Connect enables you to connect your Ultimo software with data provided by teamplay Fleet for streamlined medical fleet management. It allows you to optimise your asset performance through confident, data-driven decisions without the need to change applications. teamplay Fleet Connect is a solution from Siemens Healthineers.