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On-demand RFID built-in label and tag printer

10 June 2019

DTM Print has announced that the new RX500e colour RFID label and tag printer from US manufacturer Primera Technology, is now available for customers in EMEA.

RX500e is a full-colour, on-demand RFID built-in label and tag printer. Labels are printed, encoded and verified in a single pass. Finished labels are then cut with the internal guillotine-style cutter and dispensed one at a time. On-demand printing makes the printer suitable for applications such as visitor or trade show badges where just a single label at a time with unique information is required. Batches of many labels or tags at a time can also be encoded and printed. 

The built-in UHF RFID reader/encoder module is supplied by Honeywell. It is compliant with EPC Global Gen 2 Class 1 and ISO 18000 –6B and –6C specifications for the widest range of deployments in real-world applications. 

Print resolution is said to be best-in-class, at up to 4800 dpi. Print speeds of up to 63.5mm (2.5”) per second make label and tag production fast and convenient. 

“Printing full-colour RFID labels and tags adds a new, value-added feature to the technology,” explains Andreas Hoffmann, managing director of DTM Print. “With RX500e, you can add colour coding, graphics and high-resolution photos to RFID labels and tags. With colour, you are essentially adding an extra layer of accuracy and safety in applications such as medical file folder labels, visitor badges, photo wristbands and specimen tracking labels.” 

All customers get the design software BarTender UltraLite and NiceLabel Free (both for Windows) free of charge, which can be downloaded from the DTM Print website (dtm-print.eu/downloads). Both are suitable for designing the labels, however with RX500e the RFID encoding capability is important, which is available in upgraded versions of the software. 

For all units within the EU (including EFTA countries) DTM Print offers up to 24 months warranty: 12 months provided with the purchase and the option of extra 12 months for free after registering the product on the company website within the first 6 months of purchase.

Complete product details are available at: http://dtm-print.eu.