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Innovative safety footwear introduced by Brammer Buck & Hickman

29 September 2021

Following the launch of the GISS PPE product range in the UK, Brammer Buck & Hickman has introduced the GISS Linzor safety boot and GISS Luxsar safety shoe.

Both types of safety footwear are innovative in design and performance. Incorporating Infinergy® for an increased level of comfort and Putek for extremely high levels of abrasion resistance, the footwear combines all day comfort with durability.

The Infinergy® technology is said to help to maintain energy levels for longer than any traditional sole with the added benefit of lightness, freedom of movement, anti-fatigue and reduction of musculoskeletal disorders. The main feature of Infinergy® is its high resilience. Tests of the resilience elasticity under ISO 8307 (the ball rebound test) and under DIN 53512 show that Infinergy® achieves a rebound of over 55%.

The Putek technology offers a lightweight, water-repellent upper which is highly resistant to abrasion, is ultra-light and ultra-breathable meaning users receive a comfortable shoe, while overall improving user wellbeing.

The GISS Linzor safety boot and GISS Luxsar safety shoe form part of the GISS range, which offers a wide choice of protective clothing and equipment for a complete head-to-toe solution of fully compliant high-quality PPE. A 68-page catalogue is available online at: https://uk.rubix.com/catalogue-library

Brammer Buck & Hickman is part of the Rubix group.