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Mersen unveils ProGrid smart solution to protect and digitise Europe's power grid

29 March 2024

MERSEN, THE leading international company in electrical protection, unveils, today at L+B, ProGrid, a smart and versatile electrical protection systems designed to protect, monitor, detect and report events on the low-voltage grid.

With ProGrid, Mersen is accelerating its development in the Smart Grid. This will help to meet the changing patterns of managing power grids, linked to the increasing share of renewable energy sources and highly distributed generation in the grid. The Mersen ProGrid system is a smart solution that includes embedded fuses, fuse switch disconnectors, and monitoring functionalities to protect against overcurrent and ensure the availability of the low voltage electrical network.

Mersen ProGrid meets all the requirements of grid operators and industry for power distribution in grid and transformer stations, cable distribution cabinets and low-voltage distribution boards.

Mersen relies on its expertise in electrical protection to modernise the power grid

For decades, Mersen has been committed to advancing technology and collaborating with companies that drive industrial progress and promote a more sustainable society.

In the era of energy transition, reliable power sources are essential to enable energy providers to enhance efficiency and maintain consistently reliable networks and services.

By implementing protection such as the Mersen ProGrid solutions, utility companies can improve the reliability, safety, and operational efficiency of their electrical systems. This solution enhances safety and security measures, preventing unpredictable faults and unwanted interference.

"For many years, Mersen has been a specialist in electrical protection, providing innovative protection devices including a wide range of IEC and UL fuses, fuse gear, and surge protection devices. Mersen's ProGrid solutions aim to contribute to the creation of smart grid solutions, providing smart, clean, reliable and resilient systems to meet the needs of today's energy management grids. The ProGrid solutions offer intelligent features to help isolate faults and restore service faster through remote monitoring. The initial launch of ProGrid will be in Germany, however, thanks to our expertise in the protection of distribution networks, we can offer customized digitisation solutions for grids in other European countries," said Christophe Habouzit, VP of the IEC Fuses and Fusegear product line.

Close cooperation with grid operators

To develop its new smart ProGrid offer, Mersen worked closely together with leading power grid operators in Germany to develop smart and ultra-safe solutions.

To maximise user protection against electrical contact, Mersen has developed a patent combining switching mechanism moving parallel and then rotating. With this unique movement, the fuse blades are first released from the fuse contacts on both sides in parallel translation for better arc breaking performance. The full motion is safer than other solutions as it ensures IP20 contact protection for the user during the full opening of the fuse operating covers.

The ProGrid solutions include additional modular measuring devices and sensors to create a complete monitoring system for medium- and low-voltage transformer stations. The system monitors not only the energy flow of the station’s low-voltage outlets, but also the entire condition of the local installation – including ambient values, external station access and transformer status.