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ElectroVap ELMC - Electrode Boiler

12 January 2017

Pure steam production that is sterile and free of minerals.

Due to the ElectroVap MC2 featuring stainless steel electrodes it means that no other electrode boiler humidifier is as reliable. These stainless steel electrodes mean that the ElectroVap MC2 has a very long operational life compared to competitive units, which incorporate mild steel electrodes.

With a range of 30-1000µS/cm the ElectroVap MC2 has an exceptionally wide operational limit, with the capability to run on softened and low conductivity water. Another key feature is that the boiling cylinders can withstand severe handling due to them being made of high-density polypropylene.

With the integrated microprocessor control the ElectroVap MC2 provides responsive control over output. The functional backlit digital display panel shows how the unit is functioning at any time, complete with three menus that provide real-time humidifier performance information, humidifier configuration with the convenience to change the operating parameters of the unit.

The versatility to accept all common modulating signals from building management systems or humidity controllers. However, for stand-alone situations there is an integrated humidity controller. Please note units are available with remote feedback for BMS users.