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New website for seals company

25 October 2018

One of the UK’s leading exponents of high performance sealing, Race-Tec Sealing, has launched a new website.

With a background in the design and manufacture of low friction rotary seals and compact high strength CV drive shaft boots for a range of cross-industry applications, particularly motorsports, Race-Tec has produced a website – http://www.race-tec.com –  to match the versatility of its products. The company says it features a performance-driven design, contemporary look and feel, improved navigation and attractive presentation. Great attention has been paid to the ease with which the site can be accessed via mobile or tablet.

Motorsport, aerospace, military, marine and domestic applications are just some of the industries availing themselves of Race-Tec’s ability to design and manufacture seals that provide improved performance and durability. The new Race-Tec website provides an introduction, not only to high performance seals, but to water pump seals, drive shaft boots, precision mouldings, accumulator bladders, vibration isolation mounts and moulded gaskets.

Race-Tec’s ability to offer bespoke solutions, small batch production, performance analysis, dynamic testing, supply chain management, full batch traceability and laser marking are all fully explained on the site.