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Remote monitor for automatic lubrication systems

20 July 2018

SKF's new LRM2 lubrication remote monitor is compatible with oil or grease and designed for use with lubrication systems that cannot be checked daily due to the nature or position of the application.

The LRM2 can be used on single-line, dual-line and progressive lubrication systems and can communicate with a pump or group of pumps on a system of the same type. The monitor uses a SIM card similar to those found in cell phones to send and receive text messages via iOS or android mobile devices or via e-mail to a computer.

Featuring two digital inputs and outputs, the LRM2 sends both low-level and fault messages. The monitor can be used to start an additional lubrication cycle and can be reset simply by sending a message from a mobile device or computer. In addition, no special software is required as system information can be accessed using a web browser.

The LRM2 is suitable for wind energy, railroad wayside, cable car and wastewater treatment applications, as well as other industries. Also, the LRM2 module is available without an enclosure for applications that require mounting in an existing control box.