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Interroll expands belt curve offering

26 March 2021

LAUNCHING WORLDWIDE, the Interroll Belt Curve 1200 offers the quality and efficiency benefits of a frictionless drive concept while improving the conveying performance of smaller goods.

Belt curves are among the most technically demanding conveyor modules in the material flow systems of courier, express and parcel service providers, who – mainly due to booming e-commerce – have to cope with a rapidly growing flood of goods in their distribution centres around the clock. After all, even with heavier goods, the forces required to change the direction of transport must be transmitted with as little wear as possible.

For this reason, Interroll's belt curves are based on an extremely low-maintenance design without friction, which eliminates the need for regular belt retensioning and technically prevents belt slippage that can lead to curve failure. More than 100,000 Interroll belt curves are already in use by parcel delivery companies around the world and in baggage handling at airports – in some cases for several decades.

The new Interroll Belt Curve 1200 is based on this basic design principle, offering further improvements in addition to the advantages of the positive drive. For example, cylindrical deflection rollers have been integrated here for the first time, significantly reducing the distance between the connection and the following conveyor. The advantage: With the new belt curve, even smaller conveyed goods can now be transported quickly and safely. At the same time, in addition to the mechanical belt connector, a vulcanised endless belt is optionally available, which is particularly appreciated by users in Europe and Asia.

The new belt curve is produced in the United States, China, and Germany and is now available simultaneously to customers all over the world.

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