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New sounder and sounder beacon ranges

14 October 2019

Eaton's new sounders and sounder beacons for the industrial process and control market mitigate the risk of downtime from EMC discharge and overloaded loops on low voltage systems.

Designed to IP69K, the X10 range is also able to withstand a jet wash of 5 bar at a temperature of 80°C.

Encased in a fade resistant polycarbonate and ASA housing, the X10 operates in the most demanding environments, protecting people and property in temperatures as low as -40oC through to the extremes of 70oC heat and 100% humidity. After three years in development and rigorous third-party testing, X10 offers the reassurance of a 10-year warranty yet is priced for plant managers with hard pressed budgets who don’t want to compromise on safety and performance.

Says James Morgan, product manager at Eaton: "We set out to design a new range of beacons and sounder beacons to prevent unwanted downtime. For that we had to consider a wide variety of environments – from hot and dusty enclosed spaces to cold and corrosive ones – it is vital that safety devices remain operational. We have designed X10 to keep running for years to come, whatever environment it finds itself in.

“For the Industrial control and processing market, we found that with traditional Xenon flash sounder beacons on longer cable runs, maximum loading can be difficult to calculate due to the large in-rush current. In designing the X10 with LED technology and low-inrush hardware, we have reduced the risk of overloading the power line which can cause the voltage to collapse and the notification devices to stall”

Continues Morgan: “X10 has been designed with Eaton technology that is used in current limited fire system devices where low inrush current on startup is essential.  We have found that it is equally essential on industrial warning systems that are designed to protect people and equipment. That’s why we think it’s important to quote the startup current for our range and it is something that I would urge any specifier to consider to avoid any potential problems after installation.”

As a modular system, X10 helps keep inventory low, with beacon swap out taking less than 30 seconds. Offering 144 different combinations, X10 is said to provide the largest range of voltage, sound output, flash or tone combinations currently available. It can be used in a new installation, or it can be configured to mimic an existing set up offering a quick upgrade to the latest tones and features.

Available in three housing sizes with increasing sound output up to 120dB(A), the range is available as low voltage DC (10V - 60V), low voiltage AC, (10V - 30V) and AC mains for 115V, or by simply flicking a switch, 230V.

Finally, there are six quick fit beacon colours to match site warning and notification protocols. If the LED beacon is damaged, then it is simple to replace with no need to disconnect the circuit and replace the entire unit.

Concludes Morgan: “When you consider that sounder beacons are used for safety critical communications, you simply can’t be let down by a faulty product or old technology.  X10 will keep working from initial start-up for years to come and is easy to maintain in the tough environments of Industrial process and control.”

For further information about X10, visit: http://www.eaton.com/X10Industrial