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Securing new hygiene standards

17 February 2021

THE ONGOING COVID-19 pandemic has presented one of the greatest challenges to workplace health and safety of the modern era. While keeping employees physically safe from the virus is top priority, one of the ‘symptoms’ of the pandemic that employers also need to address is worker anxiety, asserts Tork.

Statistics have shown that 32% of workers surveyed were anxious about catching or spreading COVID-19 in their normal workplace, with 21% also feeling dissatisfied with the health and safety measures employers were putting in place.

The Tork Site Safety Guide for Manufacturing aims to support workplaces in developing a go-forward strategy for resuming and maintaining operations in a way that mitigates infection spread and keeps workers, customers and the public safe. Including guidelines around how to effectively exercise social distancing within a confined manufacturing environment, navigate high-traffic areas and people flow, and achieve critical hygiene and surface cleaning protocols among employees. The guide also provides recommendations on properly training employees on key COVID-19 information, as it is employees who will be on every businesses ‘front line’ and will most directly benefit from these measures by being physically safer and more at-ease in a workplace environment where obvious increased hygiene methods are in place.

As there is a continued return to the workplace in earnest, it is with a greater awareness of the need for comprehensive health, safety and hygiene measures to keep workers safe, healthy and to reduce their anxieties. By employing resources such as the Tork Site Safety Guide for Manufacturing to address areas including social distancing, measures for high-traffic areas, correct use of PPE and signage, employee training and proper hand hygiene, businesses can ensure high levels of COVID-compliance and safety, however long the effects of the pandemic on the workplace may continue for. As facilities secure the new hygiene standard across the globe, these safeguards are integral to reinforce best practices and implement preventive measures to slow the spread of infection.

The complete Tork Site Safety Guide for Manufacturing can be downloaded, free of charge, at Tork.co.uk/CleanCareManufacturing