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New sanitation solutions from Tork® tackle washroom hygiene concerns in the workplace

04 June 2021

HYGIENE HAS has never been more crucial to safe and efficient operating in manufacturing facilities. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, a heightened focus on elevated hygiene standards across the industry has brought new attention to cleaning protocols and resources. In particular, handwashing practices and the use of washrooms have been under scrutiny.

To help reconfigured manufacturing sites achieve hygiene compliance and optimise efficiency, leading global professional hygiene brand Tork has introduced a comprehensive bundle of hygiene solutions. This includes the Tork PeakServe® hand towel system, a range of surface cleaning solutions and sanitiser systems.  
Making washroom visits in manufacturing facilities safe and efficient begins with the right products and processes. Regularly washing hands is essential to avoid the transmission of viruses and good practice should always leave the hands thoroughly dried and hygienic.

The best way to achieve this is to use disposable hand towels which use manual effects to remove bacteria and viruses. Hygienically designed dispensers should be easy to clean and fill, and allow the user to take the paper without touching the dispenser itself. Intuitive systems with high-speed delivery, like touch-free manual dispensers, also limit the time spent in public washrooms

The newly expanded line of Tork PeakServe® dispensers leverage continuous towel technology and compressed refills, delivering a constant supply of towels to practice thorough hand hygiene without disruptions. Meanwhile, additional resources from Tork are available to educate on everything from dispenser placement to optimal usage.

Learn more about securing the new hygiene standard, visit www.tork.co.uk/cleancaremanufacturing