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New wi-fi battery introduced for multigas monitor

31 October 2019

Industrial Scientific has introduced a new wi-fi battery for the Ventis Pro5 multigas monitor for customers in the United States and Canada.

The new battery uses standard wi-fi networks to instantly transmit data directly to cloud-based iNet Now software, providing real-time alerts and visibility into gas hazards, panic, and man-down situations.

With data transmitted instantly to iNet Now, safety managers can receive real-time alerts when a worker is in distress and quickly access the data they need to monitor sites, keep workers safe, and make smart decisions in the moment. Real-time insights on where workers are located and what hazards they face gives organisations the power to increase productivity, reduce risk, and strengthen their safety culture.

“We believe that instant visibility into worker safety will save more lives and provides our customers with valuable insights to continuously improve worker safety,” said Tae Won, product manager at Industrial Scientific. “The new wi-fi battery gives organisations easy, cost-effective access to live monitoring.”

The new wi-fi battery will run 16h on a single charge and is compatible with existing chargers and DSX Docking Station. Current Ventis Pro5 customers can easily convert their personal multi-gas monitor to a wirelessly-connected wi-fi monitor by simply switching the battery pack.  The wi-fi battery is also available as an option for all new Ventis Pro5 Multi-Gas Monitors.