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Bunting announces magnet setter demonstration unit

11 October 2021

BUNTING MAGNETICS has invested in its Berkhamsted-based magnet test and development centre to support an increased global demand for specialist magnets, magnet assemblies and magnetising systems.

High intensity magnets are used widely in green technology, automotive, aerospace and electronics sectors. And there is a drive towards increasing magnetic performance. An extended range of test equipment provides the Bunting engineering team with the resources to develop and test complex magnetic designs.

A magnet setter demonstration unit is the latest addition to the laboratory, enabling the magnetisation and setting of a permanent magnet when connected to a compatible magnetising fixture. The magnet setter features a built in gaussmeter for measuring the magnetic field of the magnet during the setting process.

A National Physical Laboratory approved magnet enables certification of the Helmholtz Coil for the accurate measurement of the magnetic moment of uniform and non-uniform magnetic components. A bespoke jig enables the development of a full-3D magnetic moment measurement. Accurate measurement of magnetic moment and accuracy of the direction of magnetisation (DOM) are critical for applications such as medical listening devices and position sensors.

“From our test and development centre, our magnet experts design and test magnet configurations for a diverse range of applications,” explained Simon Ayling, Bunting’s European managing director.  “Magnet applications are becoming increasingly complex and we work with clients, from the very early stage of a project, to identify the magnetic possibilities.  These early concepts are then proved in our test and development centre, providing unrivalled magnet technical support in Europe.”