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Chicago Pneumatic drills achieve ATEX-certification!

02 August 2019

Chicago Pneumatic launches’ its first two ranges of ATEX drills with unique chuck protection to lower the risk of sparks, increasing operator safety. Offering performance and peace of mind, these cost-effective CP1114R and CP1117 drills are ATEX certified to Group II Category 2G/D*, for use in environments where flammable gases and dust may be present.

Potentially explosive atmospheres are caused by the presence of flammable gases, mists or vapours, or by combustible dusts, and are typically found in oil and gas, chemical, mining, vehicle paint spraying shops, foundries, flour mills and timber works. Any source of spark in these environments could cause a potentially deadly explosion. 

The ATEX CP1114R reversible drill is ideal for various applications including drilling, tapping, reaming, honing, and mixing. These drills feature an easy-to-operate forward and reverse switch and have exceptional durability capable of running for 800 hours before maintenance. As a result, they provide a long service life enabling users to reduce their maintenance schedule and associated costs significantly. The drills are available in two different speeds of 500 rpm and 2600 rpm.

The two ranges provide the excellent level of ergonomics that users have come to expect from Chicago Pneumatic tools. Both ranges feature a comfortable grip, durable trigger and robust side handle to protect operators’ wrists from torque effects, while delivering low vibration.

Additionally, the drills feature high quality Jacobs industrial chucks for accurate drilling. The motor is designed well in line with the chuck and drill bit, so the tool is precise and gives low level run out (lower than 0.10 mm for the CP1114R and under 0.15 mm for the CP1117), the value of which is measured at 25 mm from the chuck, allowing perfectly aligned drilling and tapping.

The CP1117 models, delivering speeds of 500 rpm, 2600 rpm and 3200 rpm for drilling different hole sizes. This ATEX range is powerful and efficient, delivering 1 hp (750 W). Moreover, the drills are designed with a strong and precise gearbox, allowing hard drilling with high durability

* Group II Category 2G/D means that the CP1114R and CP1117 drills are certified for use in working environments where the risk of an explosive atmosphere is unlikely to occur during normal operation, but where flammable gases and dust may be present, in compliance with the requirements of ATEX 2014/34/EU and EN80079-36:206. Specifically, they can be used for jobs in Zone 2 (Gas) and Zone 22 (Dust).

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