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ESAB welding and cutting equipment available to rent

19 October 2021

ESAB WELDING and cutting equipment now available via full-service rental partners throughout Europe.

To allow construction companies, fabricators and others to gain immediate access to metalworking equipment, ESAB has launched a partnership with rental companies throughout Europe. The initial roll out includes rental partners in France, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Portugal and UK. ESAB equipment available for hire includes a range of ESAB’s most innovative equipment with outputs for MMA, TIG, MIG/MAG, flux cored, multi-process welding, gouging and manual plasma cutting.

Whether customers need a welding machine for a week or for several months, they can now hire what they want from a rental outlet without having to purchase equipment outright, freeing up working capital. ESAB partners can also supply the necessary filler metals, torches, PPE and accessories, so customers can one-stop-shop for their short- and medium-term welding requirements.

ESAB equipment in the fleet includes the latest technologies, and packages can be customised for specific job requirements.

A sample of the products available for hire include: 
•    Renegade ES300i, an inverter-based MMA/TIG machine that offers extreme power in a compact format. Designed for welding in the field, it weighs 13.61 kg, measures 320 x 198 x 460 mm and produces a top output of 300 amps at 40% duty cycle. Easy-to-grab front, rear and top handles give the operator maximum flexibility for lifting the machine. Operators can easily pass obstacles, climb stairs, pass through manholes and lift the unit onto racks.
•    Renegade ET300iP, a Red Dot Award-winning 300-amp inverter-based machine which features andvanced controls for MMA and pulsed TIG welding, high frequency (HF) or Lift TIG arc starts options. Renegade units have an automatic input voltage sensor and can operate with a wide range 3-phase main current, with a single-phase option available.
•    Rebel EMP 215ic and Rebel EMP 320ic. Rebel is a true multi-process machine for MIG/MAG, flux cored, MMA and TIG welding that combine power and mobility. These compact and lightweight systems offer process and location flexibility in any welding environment. Rebel 215 has a MIG/MAG output of 205 amps at 25% duty cycle and weighs 18.2 kg. The industrial Rebel 320 has a MIG/MAG output of 320 amps at 40% duty cycle of 40%, runs 1.2 mm wire and weighs 31.4 kg.
•    Warrior 400i CC/CV is a multi-process inverter (MMA, Live TIG, MIG/MAG, flux cored and gouging) designed for heavy-duty applications requiring up to 400 amps. It is favoured by those requiring high productivity and reliability in civil construction, ship, structural steel fabrication and general industrial fabrication and repair. For wire welding applications, pair with the Red Dot Award-winning Robust Feed Pro, a portable and durable feeder for outstanding performance in shop and field applications with solid and flux cored wires. 
•    Cutmaster 40 and Cutmaster 60i, manual plasma systems that offer the highest power-to-weight ratio in their class. Users choose plasma systems when they need to improve productivity over oxy-fuel or mechanical cutting proceses. Cutmaster 60i offers a 20 mm recommended cut capacity and a 38 mm maximum sever capacity, while Cutmaster 40 weighs only 10 kg and has a cut capacity of 12 mm and a sever capacity of 16 mm.