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Applied intelligence key to efficient order fulfilment

21 August 2020

As businesses get to grips with much higher volumes of online orders, increased uncertainty and the need for social distancing, flexible automation in the form of autonomous mobile robots will deliver the agility needed to boost performance and create competitive advantage.

That’s according to warehouse and order-fulfilment solutions provider Invar Systems, which believes applied intelligence – software design, integration and support – is central to the success of any project. The company says getting large warehouse management software (WMS) vendors engaged in writing the interfaces for materials-handling systems can often present a hurdle for an automation project. This is why automation companies like Invar Systems offer their own warehouse control software (WCS) with the hardware.

In the UK, Invar Systems writes the WCS for Hikrobot AMR platforms. When integrated with a business’ upper system, intelligent AMRs deliver valuable digitised warehouse data. This information helps companies optimise business processes, such as labour resource management, which can significantly boost operational performance, says Invar Systems.

The provision of a WCS package is particularly important for smaller automation projects, or the first steps of a modular development, where the costs of providing an interface with a WMS can be budget-breaking. Invar Systems says it can offer the WCS, alongside a full warehouse management system, should it be required. And as Invar Systems installs and supports Hikrobot systems in the UK, managing the whole project happens locally.

For more information, visit www.invarsystems.com