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Pumps meet high hygiene standards

03 December 2018

Flotronic Pumps’ original 10” ‘H’ Series pump was designed to meet the exacting hygiene standards of 3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc (3-A SSI) and to be used in processes where hygiene is a priority.

Since the launch of the 10” pump in 2015, the range has been expanded to encompass 7” and 12” versions, both of which are 3-A SSI Accredited. Pipework connection sizes are now available from 1” – 3” allowing greater flexibility.

Flotronic’s 7ʺ ‘H’ Style pump is a more compact model than the 10ʺ, offering a pump solution when dealing with low flow rate applications.

The 12ʺ ‘H’ Series pump has a different solution to 3-A’s drainability requirements. At 75kg, this larger pump has check ball valve seats engineered to allow drainage without inversion.

3-A SSI require that all materials are acceptable for product contact. Their standards also ensure that performance criteria critical to accepted methods of cleaning are met. The ‘H’ Style pumps are therefore designed so they can be thoroughly cleaned in place (CIP) with easy and effective media draining. The pumps also benefit from the innovative, easy-maintenance, ONE-NUT design for which Flotronic is renowned, allowing pump maintenance in a matter of minutes.