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Maintec: The show that stands out

03 July 2019

Educational programmes at industry shows have become quite a crowded field in recent years, so it can often take some research to identify those that stand out. Our intention was to put our badge towards a CPD programme that truly delivered dynamic and progressive content.

Last year the Society of Operations Engineers partnered with Maintec to approve its CPD programme for the three-day event in Birmingham. It was an easy decision given that the show has a reputation for attracting a high-quality line-up of guest speakers, while fulfilling CPD requirements which have now become mandatory.

As there are many shows in the calendar throughout the year, it is reassuring to know that this one is the only one dedicated to the maintenance engineering community. Members of our own Society, as mindful with their time as operations engineers are, value professional development very highly, but are specific about how they want to conduct it. 

The quality on offer at Maintec is why we approved this CPD programme last year and will do so again in October. So, what can visitors of the show expect from the programme? We have all now heard about elements of Industry 4.0, predictive maintenance, The Internet of Things, AI and big data, but what is the significance of this technology, how will it be integrated, and what are the repercussions for engineering maintenance teams? What will its impact be on education and skills, strategy and policy? 

Two or three years ago we were looking ahead at how this technology would change our working lives. Would it render some of us obsolete in the workplace? Now it has begun, we are asking different questions about what it means - to what extent can it improve efficiency, flexibility and productivity? Speakers and expert panels at Maintec will tell you how, exactly, it will affect maintenance engineers and what it means for the future of the sector.

The educational programme at Maintec will feature several case studies, technical presentations and exhibitor lectures from industry experts chosen for their exceptional knowledge and understanding in their respective field. And you will get a chance to have your say, ask questions and interact with other professionals.  

We do hope you will join us at the show in October. It’s going to be an opportunity to gain CPD points but, more importantly, a chance to learn about how we can all keep up in this ever-changing environment.

Bruce McGill, Chief Executive Officer at Society of Operations Engineers