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Why Respiratory Protection and Fit Testing Matter

09 July 2019

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A respected and experienced health, safety and environmental director, Dawn Bolstad-Johnson has over 25 years of experience working in aviation, fire service, universities and municipal government. Amongst other positions, Dawn has been an Adjunct Professor for graduate courses in Industrial Hygiene, Industrial Ventilation and Industrial Hygiene Sampling Applications.

Dawn has recently published a compelling article on 'Why Respiratory Protection and Fit Testing Matter' for US-based Occupational Health & Safety, drawn from her years of experience gained from working extensively within the industry. She discusses why fit-testing is essential, especially for first responders such as firefighters, what the hazards are and the best ways to protect workers from those risks.

In a definitive statement, Dawn asserts: 'There are different fit testers on the market. The best technology that I have found is CNP technology. This method uses controlled negative pressure to quantify the size of the leak (if any) in the mask. Using air pressure as the challenge agent in fit testing gives the most accurate results, and there are published scientific studies to prove it.'

She goes on to say: 'In my experience, the Quantifit is by far the best and the most accurate [quantitative method]. There is minimal chance for a false PASS result on the Quantifit because the air pressure inside the mask is what is being quantified. If there is a leak, it will be detected. Leaks matter; even small ones! The Quantifit does not lie. Many fire departments have been using this technology for years.'

To read Dawn's full article, click here.

Shawcity is the exclusive supplier of the OHD Quantifit in the UK and Ireland, the world's most used type of CNP fit test technology. We are also the UK & Ireland service centre, so customers can have their Quantifit units serviced and calibrated locally instead of in the US. We also have hire units available to ensure no downtime while customer units are with us for annual maintenance.

Widely used across the US and the rest of the world, customers in the UK have already embraced Quantift and CNP technology in place of traditional ambient aerosol counting devices. Click here to read why Wales & West Utilities, one the UK's largest gas supply companies which maintain 35,000km of gas supply pipes and service 7.5 million customers, has swapped to Quantifit.

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