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Standard machine elements from Elesa

05 April 2013

Standard machine elements - suppliers of handwheels, crank handles, lobe knobs, grip knobs, wing knobs, handles, tubular handles, adjustable handles, levers, oil caps, plugs, rotary controls, oil level indicators, filler breathers, levelling feet...

New Elesa General Product Catalogue

New products in Elesa's general catalogue 151 include: steering three-arm handwheels with revolving handles, lever arms, wing knobs, clamping nuts with double levers, handles, cam levers, indexing plungers, mini indexing plungers, knobs with integral digital-analogue gravity position indicator, rod ends, forks, semi-split collars/clamping assembly, flat retaining magnets, cylindrical retaining magnets, U magnets with pass-through hole, antistatic bases for levelling elements, levelling elements for ground mounting, levelling elements with antistatic base, quick assembly latches with recessed key, snap locks, toggle clamps with folded base, latch clamps with safety device, vertical toggle clamps with double base, rapid levels with float, vulcanised rubber wheels. To request your copy of the catalogue please click here or telephone 01526 322670. View a video about the new catalogue.

Castors and Wheels

RE castors address the mainstream of industrial uses from medical equipment through to electronics, storage and manufacturing and feature twin ball race chassis in swivel and total lock variants, as well as fixed types. Twin race being particularly beneficial in minimising the effort required to align the castor in moving away from rest. Standard wheel configurations include heavy duty polyurethane moulded onto cast aluminium cores and roller bearing axles at the top end through polyurethane over technopolymer, monolithic polyamide, to non-marking thermoplastic rubber or vulcanised rubber and plain bearing axles. Read our product focus on castors and wheels here.

Levelling Feet and Conveyor Components

Levelling elements or adjustable levelling feet not only allow adjustment and correction of equipment levels – they often incorporate a significant amount of vibration damping – they are available with bases in reinforced polyamide, steel, stainless steel with stems in steel or stainless steel. Complementary items include Conveyor or flexible automation components as well as clamp mountings for installation of magnetic/optical sensors on conveyors and other equipment.