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New controls keep wire coiling

06 June 2013

Thorite has supplied 20 in-house designed single station control panels, plus pneumatic cylinders, actuators and air preparation equipment, for a new 20 station line of Vertical Take-up Units (VTUs) at Bridon's Wire Mill & Ropery in Doncaster.


Each panel controls pneumatic actuators which activate nip rollers and accumulator arms feeding wire from Bridon's galvanising plant on to a wire coiler. The  system provides a remotely controlled electro/pneumatic interface, enabling VTU operators to transfer fully coiled reels from the production line to an accumulating reel, remove the old reel and install an empty reel as part of a continuous process. 


This is achieved via bespoke electrical controls without halting output, enabling raw material to be fed in to the start of the line and finished wire rope to be taken off at the end. 


Speaking of the new production line, which augments an 8-station, Thorite panel-controlled VTU line installed some years ago, Steve Jenkins, strategic engineering manager at Bridon, said:"In order to produce the world's most innovative ropes, Bridon requires the very best in advanced manufacturing technology. The state-of-the-art control systems that Thorite has provided are part of a £5m upgrade at our Doncaster facility".