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Data logging exercise leads to energy savings

13 October 2019

A data-logging exercise carried out by Thorite has helped a concrete products manufacturer in Yorkshire save almost £3000 per year.

For any company, reducing energy costs makes total sense; to not do so is similar to shredding banknotes. Over the past few years Thorite has been able to show customers how they can reduce their energy wastage, save considerable expenditure and improve their processes.

Thorite’s key account manager, Steve Bradbury, offered to data-log two ageing compressors at the concrete products manufacturer over a period of seven working days to assess their overall condition. It was calculated that the company could save almost £3000 in energy costs per year by upgrading.

The two existing compressors were rated at 30 and 22kW respectively. The 30kW compressor was changed to a new HPC 22kW alternative and is projected to save the company almost £1900 per year. In the meantime, the smaller of the two compressors was changed to an HPC 11kW compressor giving savings of almost £1100 per year.

In addition to data-logging, Thorite offers Compressed Air Auditing. It is reckoned that a single 3mm diameter leak could cost up to £600 each year. Thorite engineers regularly carry out compressed air leak detection surveys using the very latest ultrasonic survey handguns known as ULDs (Ultrasonic Leak Detectors). These very sensitive pieces of equipment that pinpoint high frequency sound waves produced by leaks from compressed air pipe work and components. A report is then produced and, working closely with the customer, a plan of action is agreed.