Pipe welding

19 August 2013

The FASTMIG X 450 power source and MXP37 Pipe wire feeder from Kemppi is a complete solution for welding pipes in offshore and onshore applications, in pre-fabrication workshops or at installation sites.


The system is based on FastMig X 450, a multi-process power source, rated 450A at 60% duty cycle, that can be used for root welding, fill-ups and caps. However, the system offers more than just root welding performance – it is a multi-purpose welding system, suitable for all welding processes including Synergic Pulsed MIG/MAG, MIG/MAG, TIG and MMA.


Two wire feeders can be connected to allow rapid changing of the welding process and filler wire type and size. Where applications demand alternative power levels during welding for accommodating changes in welding position and material thickness the MatchChannel solution can help, allowing change of power levels during welding. 

Designed for efficient open gap root welding, WiseRoot+ is a leading root closure process without backing. With a precise wire feed control mechanism, it delivers good arc stability, penetration and bead shape. Compact and lightweight for its power class, the Fastmig X 450 power source can be moved easily.