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Portable methane detector

15 October 2016

A new Laser Methane mini (LMm) gas detector from Crowcon combines full ATEX approval with a new green laser guide-light for improved visibility across a range of conditions, including strong sunlight.

The use of infrared laser absorption spectroscopy enhances safety by allowing operators to remain at a safe distance from potentially dangerous leaks and provides an almost instantaneous response in the presence of methane gas.

The LMm has a range of 30m in standard mode, or 100m with a reflector. As the laser beam can penetrate some transparent surfaces, such as glass, LMm also detects methane through a window, allowing closed premises and confined spaces to be checked faster and more safely.

LMm is ATEX approved for use in explosive environments, including remote-monitoring applications such as closed or confined spaces, above-ground riser pipes, and pressure-regulating stations.

The typical response time of LMm is just 0.1s, makes it suitable for quickly scanning an area for a suspected leak and further minimising the time that operators are exposed to a potentially hazardous environment.

Compact and lightweight, LMm performs a shelf check and an internal calibration at start up. This requires no training and ensures readings are always accurate and reliable. LMm doesn’t need regular recalibration.