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Belt sanders offer interchangeability

09 December 2016

The CP5080 range of Belt Sanders from Chicago Pneumatic have been designed with the user in mind, and have an interchangeable arm system for full optimisation enabling the tools use on a variety of applications.

For precise work in limited access spaces using the CP5080-326D12 can be the perfect solution as its ideal for sanding, grinding and finishing edges, grooves, and corners.

If you have an assortment of material removal tasks to cover then the CP5080-4200D24 model can be a suitable choice as it covers a range of applications. It lends itself to sanding, filing, weld cleaning, turbine reworking, cleaning and finishing of all metal components. Another good choice for finishing applications is the CP5080-4200H18 model with 0.5hp and 1/2” x 18” belts, this tool works well in tight areas for deburring and finishing with its high power finishing for example can be carried out by using the sliding pad for edge operation, alternatively the belt side is suited to round surfaces whilst the use of the front roller enables flat surfaces operation.

The light and compact composite body of these ergonomic Chicago Pneumatic belt sanders provides the operator with comfort and Industrial durability.