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Chicago Pneumatic Screwdrivers – A Wicked Invention!

14 February 2018

When the producers of the pop science TV series ‘Wicked Inventions’ sought a company that looks at the way items are invented, manufactured, and used to change the world around us, they approached Chicago Pneumatic.

Wicked Inventions then followed the manufacturing process of a Pneumatic Screwdriver from the point of which an order is delivered, through final testing and packing for delivery to the customer.  The filming took place at a Chicago Pneumatic factory in Hungary which has been making the pneumatic screwdrivers for the past nine years. This resulted in a Chicago Pneumatic Screwdrivers taking a starring role in a new episode as a Wicked Invention!

Take the CP28 Series of Pneumatic Screwdrivers for example consisting of four models, two pistol grip models each with rubber comfort grip and Robust aluminium housings the CP2816 for Intensive Use: With quick torque setting and one handed reverse button providing 4.6Nm 1900 rpm, weight just 1.2Kgs and the CP2817 that provides up to 8.5 Nm ,800rpm at 1. 3kgs. Or the straight models like the slim CP2828: With 3.2Nm, High speed at 1300 rpm with small diameter grip, low noise level, weighing only 0.6kgs or CP2829: Providing 5.2Nm, 900 rpm, also at just 0. 6Kgs.This durable range of ‘Cushion Clutch’ Screwdrivers’ being fast and productive were designed to cover various applications from Intensive use in production assembly lines to MRO applications. Why not look at the wicked video for yourself!