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Extreme power angle grinders

21 April 2017

The high productivity CP3850 Series offers the ‘best in class’ for material removal with an excellent power to weight ratio.

With a 2.8Hp governed motor it provides higher torque at the maximum operating speed whilst weighing only 2.7kgs. Superior comfort is given due to the Ergonomic curved design that positions the operator’s wrist in a natural holding position. 

Features include a 360 degree multi position vibration damped side handle for left or right handed use, this along with the low-profile angle head gives the user a clear view of the application. A spindle lock allows fast and easy change of the abrasive and greater flexibility is offered by the multi position 220-degree robust steel guard.

Check out the video here.

Super durable spiral bevel gears ensure that the gear and pinion engage gradually to reduce vibration and stress of torque transmission resulting in up to 2000 hours’ durability. There is also the optional Autobalancer that compensates abrasive vibration and optimizes the contact between the abrasive and the application that can improve the material removal rate by up to 15%.

In conclusion Chicago, Pneumatic offers a large range of tools that along with its constant product development and ISO certified quality testing provides enhanced performance and durability, readily available from stock and supported with a competitive price structure.