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Chicago Pneumatic: big impact on large bolts

23 March 2018

This CP6120-D35H 1.1/2” Square Drive Impact Wrench design provides its customers with a choice of two models that previously would have required four tools to cover the range.

The new improved design of the CP6120 has improved comfort and incorporates its two Jaw clutch. Great power for tightening and undoing bolts up to M36 Highly robust and durable. With relatively lower vibrations it gives its operator far less fatigue and its high durability means the tool can cope with long and intense applications. With a Max torque 3600 ft.lbs – 4880 Nm! It is also adaptable as it can be changed from inside or outside trigger and is ‘rreversed’ biased 15%. This can however be changed to forward biased by turning around the air motor cylinder. 

Then there is a # 5 Spline option in the CP6120-D35L. This option provides greater contact between output shaft and socket. This closer contact between tool and socket provides greater quality of the assembly task as a higher torque is transferred to the bolt. More efficient tightening /untightening reduces impacting time that in turn reduces operator’s fatigue whilst tighter contact gives less shock action to the sockets thus prolonging sockets life. The ergonomic side handle enhances its comfort grip.

Like all Chicago pneumatic products, they are thoroughly tested in the CP Technocenter and must pass EC Certification according to ISO standards. AF AQ 1SO 1 9001 & AFAQ ISO 140001. The CP6120 Series has proven to be the reference tool for the most demanding large bolt applications in Energy and Metal working segments. Why not check out this and other Impact Wrenches at www.cp.co.uk