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Pump market sees moderate growth

21 January 2020

The UK Pump market was worth an estimated £848m in 2018, which is due to increase in 2019. Moderate growth is expected for the pump market in the short term, driven by the political and economic uncertainty while the UK negotiates an exit deal with the EU.

The Pump market is complex and fragmented in terms of end-use applications and distribution channels. As a result, the market is influenced by many issues. It is very closely linked to conditions in key application industries such as water and sewage, power generation and industrial manufacturing. It is also linked to the construction sector

The positive performance of the manufacturing sector driven by demand for exports, particularly in 2017 and early 2018, has had a significant impact on pump demand. The manufacturing sector utilises pumps in several ways; either through direct use of pump products in the manufacturing process, or as a component of a product. This sector also influences the materials used and the manufacturing process of the pump itself, such as the cost and availability of raw materials. In addition, increased output from some manufacturing sectors will drive demand for specific types of pump. 

We cannot forget the impact of energy efficiency in the power generation industry with sources such as wind, solar, biofuels all supporting the pump market. In addition, the wider application of energy saving devices such as variable frequency drives and soft starters have contributed to centrifugal pump efficiency levels and increased their competitiveness across a wider range of end use sectors. Overall demand for pumps has been supported by a number of sectors. These include industrial process sectors, particularly food and beverage processing, pharmaceuticals and hygienic and sanitary applications.

Activity in the construction sector is also an important driver. The construction industry also represents a significant end-use sector for pumps. Many construction projects require mass flow of water to the site and centrifugal pumps are also used for heating, ventilating and air-conditioning.  In addition, specialist pumps are used for transporting concrete and similar materials, such as grout.  Overall UK construction output has experienced good growth between 2014 and 2017. In 2018, construction output increased by 3%, still showing positivity in the sector but growing at a slower rate in comparison to 2017 and 2016.

If current growth is maintained into the medium term it is likely the industrial and manufacturing sector will provide a broad range of opportunities for manufacturers of pumps.