Activated carbon towers

14 March 2019

Hi-line Industries has unveiled a range of Activated Carbon Towers to suit diverse applications, including those involving breathing air equipment or food production.

The new carbon towers are manufactured from the same high-quality vessels used for Hi-line’s dryers, and filled with either zeolite minerals or carbon to suit the suit the specific application.

Hi-line Industries says Activated Carbon Towers are an increasingly popular addition to compressed air circuits, largely due to their ability to adsorb contaminants such as oil vapour and odour. As a result, oil levels within the compressed air can be reduced sufficiently for use in sectors where high purity levels are required, such as oxygen/nitrogen generation, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, electronics and healthcare. Such performance levels are said to exceed those possible using desiccant air dryers together with associated filtration.

In the new units, compressed air flows through the activated carbon bed, adsorbing oil vapours and odours. Flow distributors are deployed to ensure uniform air distribution. Some 15 models are available, extending from 80 Scfm, 136Nm3/h to 2000 Scfm, 3400Nm3/h. Units come with stainless steel gas distributors and are PED compliant to 2016/68 EU, while R55 long-life hybrid activated carbon is used to ensure reliable performance, day-in, day-out. A five-year warranty is offered as standard on parts and labour.

Vessels are held in stock at Hi-line Industries to ensure short lead-times. Both the vessels and the robust box section frame are powder-coat finished in RAL 5015, although they can be manufactured in any colour at no extra charge.