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Altus introduces robotic conformal coating/dispensing system

17 June 2024

ALTUS GROUP addresses the need for increased efficiency and reduced labour in electronics manufacturing with the introduction of the Delta 6 robotic conformal coating/dispensing system from PVA.

Electronics manufacturers facing highly labour-intensive processes such as masking components and hand spraying conformal coatings can address that burden with an automated solution. It is clear that manufacturers in the UK and Ireland are grappling with a shortage of available highly skilled labour to support these processes, and sees the PVA Delta 6 a great solution to assist in streamlining processes and improving efficiency.

"Many manufacturers rely on traditional manual methods that are extremely labour-intensive and can lead to inconsistencies. The Delta 6 provides an automated alternative, allowing these critical coating and dispensing processes to be brought in-house with minimal labour while ensuring high repeatability," said Joe Booth, CEO of Altus Group.

The PVA Delta 6 features a three-axis motion platform with servo-controlled motion featuring valve tilt and rotate. Designed for selective coating, potting, bead dispensing, and meter-mix dispensing in both inline and batch production environments, it offers high accuracy, consistent process control across the gantry system, and the ability to handle multiple applications or materials.

"For manufacturers looking to improve efficiency and cut costs, automating labour-intensive processes is crucial," Booth added. "The Delta 6's flexibility, small footprint, robust construction, and versatile programming make it an ideal solution to reduce labour demands."

Engineered to excel in selective conformal coating and dispensing tasks within moderate to high volume manufacturing settings, the PVA Delta 6 offers enhanced accuracy and repeatability.