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Training: Pick a place and a pace to suit yourself

16 September 2021

Wherever your work takes you in these uncertain times, you can rest assured that BCAS training is on hand to help – at a place and at a pace – that works for you; whether that’s the office, or the comfort of your own home.

THE BRITISH Compressed Air Society (BCAS) is now offering its new eLearning portal. With a wide range of specialist courses that are tailored to the needs of industry professionals, customers and suppliers, BCAS courses combine safe working practices with industry-specific guidance on all aspects of compressed air performance.

The Society’s specialist eLearning portal provides practical training for compressed air and vacuum users

The Society’s specialist eLearning portal provides practical training for compressed air and vacuum users, alongside a host of health and safety tutorials and includes:

Certificate in working safely with compressed air (WSWCA)

Both employers and employees have a responsibility for safety in the workplace. The hour-long course covers the hazards of compressed air as an energy source, the use of personal protective equipment, employer and employee responsibilities with respect to health and safety when using compressed air, and a list of safe working practices to be followed.

Certificate in compressed air treatment technology (CATT)

This course details where contaminants come from and how to remove them using some of the air treatment processes available. It is of relevance to manufacturers, distributors, installers and any business that requires clean and dry compressed air systems.

Certificate in compressed air system technology (CAST)

CAST provides a comprehensive introduction to the main principles of compressed air systems and is highly relevant to anyone needing to know more about compressed air production and use, relevant health and safety issues, legislation and energy efficiency.

Employee certificate in maintaining a Covid-19 secure workplace

This course is based on the Government guidance on understanding how to safely work during the coronavirus pandemic. It covers workplace types identified by Government, including outdoor work, factories and warehouses, offices, branches, and vehicles, and is designed to fulfil the employer’s requirement to provide information and training to their employees in maintaining a Covid-19 secure workplace.

Blended learning courses:

CPD-approved, blended learning courses combine online tutorials and training with guided learning and assessment by a BCAS qualified tutor. This helps delegates to learn at a time and place to suit, combining at-home study with invigilated examination.

Certificate in understanding the Pressure Systems’ Safety Regulations (PSSR 200 S.I. 128)

This blended learning workshop covers the written scheme of examination in relation to compressed air systems. It provides knowledge of the Pressure Systems’ Safety Regulations (S.I 2000 No 128), related standards and codes of practice.

Certificate in understanding air quality (ISO8573)

This blended learning workshop details each part of ISO 8573, the air quality standard. The course explains the importance of considering all parts of a compressed air system, for suppliers, consultants, service providers, or users of compressed air.

Diploma in Compressed Air Management (DipCam)

This qualification provides a comprehensive technical grounding in the principles of the operation of compressed air systems. It has been developed and produced to meet the needs of people who have responsibility for a compressed air installation and who wish to attain a level of technical knowledge.

There are also courses available for understanding breathing air and compressed air systems’ testing and examinations.

Special discounts

Training courses start from as little as £4.99 and BCAS has created a host of special discounts to help make training employees more affordable still. These include an exclusive 25% discount off the full range of CPD-approved training courses for customers of BCAS members, plus free associate membership of BCAS.*

Customers should first contact their BCAS member to receive their unique booking code and then visit: e-learning.bcas.org.uk/ where they will be able to select from the full range of courses – all with 25% discount.

For further information about the full range of BCAS training courses on offer, email: training@bcas.org.uk, phone 0207 935 2464 or visit the dedicated eLearning portal: https://e-learning.bcas.org.uk

*The free associate membership and 25% discount offer is only available to end-user customers of BCAS members; trade customers are not eligible.