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Babcock Wanson launches E-VAP steam generator

01 August 2022

BABCOCK WANSON'S multi-pass coil steam generator, E-VAP has been designed for simple, reliable, long-life operation.

It comes with a fully integrated digital control panel including easy-to-use touchscreen operator interface, along with auto start and stop plus an option for full sequence control. A specialist low maintenance pump contributes to this simple operation, whilst E-VAP’s horizontal configuration ensures easy access to all components for both operation and maintenance.

Safety is at the heart of E-VAP. Babcock Wanson has designed this latest Rapid Steam Generator to operate with low water content for safe operation and only simple water and chemical treatment are required.

Safety is further enhanced through the use of a fully modulating burner and feed water pump control by variable speed drives which improves pressure control and reduces the electrical load, which also saves energy and improves performance.

Other efficiency features include an integral combustion air preheater as standard, plus the option for a flue gas/feedwater economiser.  The E-VAP’s small footprint for such a high output means low heat loss and fuel savings, further increasing plant efficiency. The high overall efficiency of the E-VAP also results in substantial environmental advantages and low overall emissions. Flue Gas Recirculation ensures compliance with emissions regulations on all readily available fuels.

The E-VAP Rapid Steam Generator has been designed by Babcock Wanson for maximum flexibility, enabling it to be used across a multitude of industries. It has a wide range of operating pressures, with standard 12 barg working pressure, although higher steam pressures up to 100 barg are available on request.

Most types of liquid or gaseous fuels can be used. Extended unattended operation is available to suit local operating requirements. A wide range of ancillary services and equipment are readily available.

Comprehensive factory testing by Babcock Wanson enables easy site installation and quick and simple commissioning of the E-VAP Rapid Steam Generator.

The E-VAP Rapid Steam Generator is the latest addition to Babcock Wanson’s range of coil type boilers, which are energy efficient, easy and safe to operate. In addition to these, Babcock Wanson offers a complete range of products and services for boiler houses and other process heating needs, including thermal fluid heaters, hot water boilers, VOC and odour treatment by thermal oxidation, water treatment and process air heating solutions.

The company aims to help optimise customers' energy production with high quality products and efficient service.