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Compact LED dry toner colour label printer

10 October 2019

DTM Print has launched the DTM CX86e Colour Tag Printer, which it believes is the world’s smallest LED dry toner colour label printer.

Whether they are vouchers, coupons, value-added receipts, ID tags with photos, visitor badges, price and promotion stickers, pasted labels, sleeves, loop ribbons or labels for cardboards and boxes – with the DTM CX86e high-quality full-colour prints can be produced within seconds – directly in production, at the point-of-sale or at various places of use.

The CX86e uses the latest digital LED technology. During the electrophotogra-phic LED printing process the image is developed on a light sensitive drum, then it is transferred by electrostatic charge via an image transfer belt and fused by heat to the media. The labels produced that way are pin sharp, waterproof and UV-resistant. 

“As LED print heads have no moving parts, unlike the classic laser technology, significantly less raw materials are consumed in the manufacturing process, and a space-saving design and a significantly longer service life are achieved. With a size of 198x195x380mm (WxHxD) and a weight of 9.5kg, the CX86e is more compact, robust and reliable than other printers in its class,” says Andreas Hoffmann, Managing Director of DTM Print. “This means it can be used almost anywhere and is easy to transport.”

Special attention was paid to simple operation. All you need to do is change a three-colour toner cartridge that guarantees thousands of prints. This eliminates the need to stock individual toner cartridges and the device is ready to use again in just a few seconds. 

Further components of the printer such as drum unit, transfer belt and fuser have been designed for a long service life with more than 100,000 prints and can also be replaced by the user in a few seconds. 

With a wide range of interfaces such as USB, Ethernet, WLAN (optional) and control interfaces, the CX86e can be used as a stand-alone unit, in a network or in an automated environment without any problems.

The external material feed of dry toner approved labels and tags are possible via roll, continuous feed paper in zigzag folding or single sheet. Single sheets must have a size of 25 - 86mm in width and 53 - 551mm in length. DTM Print provides a wide selection of DTM certified Genuine Label Stock for dry toner: starting with matte and glossy papers extending to transparent, matte and glossy polyester films as well as textured, silver, gold or other coloured materials.

The built-in rotary cutter enables the production of labels with a length of 53 - 551mm. Optionally, the printer can be retrofitted with a presenter module. Here a label is printed, the printer waits until it has been peeled off before printing the next label. 

"With the DTM CX86e, we are offering companies a powerful and cost-effective printer to achieve maximum advertising impact with their produced labels and tags, to attract the customers’ attention and to ensure higher sales," says Andreas Hoffmann, summarising the advantages of the CX86e.

The DTM CX86e is easy to set-up and operate. The delivery includes the printer driver for Windows 7/10 and the design software NiceLabel Free 2019 DTM Edition (for Windows) for simple creations of label designs. For data import and variable data printing the full version is needed. The printer can also be used with other popular label design software such as BarTender and graphic software such as Adobe Illustrator and other Windows applications.

DTM CX86e Colour Tag Printer sells for €2195 (MSRP) and is available through authorised DTM Print resellers and distributors in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

For all units within the EU (including EFTA countries) DTM Print offers up to 24 months warranty: 12 months provided with the purchase and the option of an extra 12 months for free after registering the product on the company website (register.dtm-print.eu) within the first 6 months of purchase.

Complete product details are available at: http://dtm-print.eu.