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JetLaser M100 makes light work of manual laser cleaning tasks

03 June 2021

A HAND-HELD laser cleaning system from 4Jet Technologies has been introduced by UK and Ireland distributor, TLM Laser.

Traditional methods used to remove rust, debris or other surface contamination from components typically involve either physical contact with the part through brushing, scraping, polishing and shot blasting or, alternatively, through the use of dry ice or chemical substances. TLM Laser comments that each of these approaches has drawbacks: They are either abrasive, which can potentially damage the base material, or in the case of chemicals, somewhat aggressive and through their use potentially add to environmental pollution.

Laser-cleaning, however, offers a highly efficient, contact and consumable-free alternative that is gaining popularity across a wide range of applications and market sectors.

Recently launched, and now complementing the current 200W and 500W variants is the new M100 hand-held unit. Based upon a fibre-coupled, maintenance-free solid-state near-infrared laser at 1064nm wavelength, this compact system delivers 100W of laser power. Weighing in at less than 5kg, the hand-held unit is ergonomic in design and optimised for manual use.

 Potential applications for this efficient technology are wide and varied and include cleaning of moulds, tools, fixtures, paint and coating removal operations and pre-treatment of surfaces prior to welding, glueing or other coating applications. 

Connected to the portable supply unit by a 5 metre cable, the manual unit can easily be manipulated using the two handle configuration. Focal length’s range between 160mm and 420mm, depending upon lenses, and the 2D integral laser scanning head delivers a 100mm x 100mm scan-field.

TLM Laser’s Tony Dain comments: "This new and enhanced range of hand-held JETLASER variants offer a powerful solution for customers that may have a diverse range of cleaning tasks or low production volumes. We are delighted to have been able to add another exciting product to our broad laser processing portfolio.”

This efficient and cost effective laser cleaning technology is available from Bromsgrove-based TLM Laser, 4Jet Technologies UK and Ireland distributor, and is just part of a comprehensive and growing range of laser-based technologies and systems offered by the company.

For further information, visit: www.tlm-laser.com