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New component portal for machine builders

28 November 2019

FATH Components' all-new online portal is designed exclusively for machine and system builders. The initial phase of the new resource features 18 FATH product families and includes many of the company’s most popular products.

Amongst these are FATH’s ‘Parking Rails’, together with workstation and suspension arms, profile connectors, castors, cable fixings, friction joints, lifting feet, hinges (in both standard aluminium finish or anodised in a variety of colours), as well as other standard machine elements. 

Already seen on busy factory floors across Europe, FATH ‘parking rails’ are floor-mounted tracks designed to provide reliable, fuss-free and precise parking for the dollies and wagons which feed JIT production line personnel. Keeping them equipped with the necessary components for installation or assembly, these durable tracks can be installed in seconds: simply position, bond, and use. One European application has seen 25km of these rails laid in a single production plant.

Announcing the launch of the new portal, FATH Components’ UK Managing Director David Hayes says “Our business enjoyed significant growth last year, attracting more new customers than in any previous 12 month period. By introducing this new portal, we aim to build on this by making the selection and sourcing of premium-quality machine elements even swifter and simpler. Customer feedback during pre-launch trials was extremely positive”.

Full product specification sheets can be downloaded from each section of the new portal, and FATH also offers designers and machine builders an instant response to technical queries for engineers who prefer to talk rather than type: 01252 346610 is the hotline number. 

FATH’s UK Operations Manager Emma Berriman observed “When we researched our customers prior to creating this new portal, more than 85% of the machine builders and OEMs we spoke with rated product quality and ease of access to technical information as two of their most important reasons for sourcing components from us. These comments obviously influenced the design of the new portal, and as always, we will continue to welcome further input as the gateway expands and develops”.

The new FATH portal may be found at: https://www.fath24.com/product-portraits/.https://www.fath24.com/product-portraits/